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    What Is UROMEDi?

    Uromedi, is a new division at Alvid Biocare, which offers a comprehensive system of urology products that contain unique features addressing different types of incontinence. Our vast line of products boasts of a range of tablets, syrups, injections and ointments. All of them meet a wide range of clinical needs. Alvid Biocare is constantly making innovations and caters to each and every aspect of healthcare. Uromedi is the ultimate solution for all kinds of urology disorders and problems.

    Urology Disorders are conditions concerning urinary filtering and release. Some of the most common problems are Benign Prostate Hyperplasia, losing bladder control, urinary tract infections, kidney stones, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, hematuria, painful bladder syndrome, prostatitis, etc.

    Uromedi has stemmed up to offer the highest quality drugs for urology relief. Uromedi offers pharmaceutical manufacturers to prepare formulations in form of urology tablets, capsules for urology, injectable for urologic use, urology syrups, powders for urinary infections, pharmaceutical sachet, etc. Expert supervision is present at the time of manufacturing and correct proportions of usage of drugs are ensured every time. Best formulations are delivered to the end-users.

    Why choose Uromedi for Urology Medicine?

    Quality is what delivered by Uromedi by manufacturing great products with correct formulations and it ensures that they should work towards the betterment of mankind. The benefits of joining hands with Uromedi are –

    On-time Delivery Even For Bulk Orders.

    Medically Approved Raw Materials Are Only Used.

    Distributorship Is Available Across India.

    Lower Rates For Great Quality Products.

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